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welcome to the site of lemmy NOW PRESENTING ... OPENING!!!

lemmy + she/her
17 yrs + lgbt
istp 6w7💬
The current mood of bany at www.imood.com


☼ libra + ☾ aquarius + ⇡ cancer

since 2/14/21...

neko angel?... living gyaru
cat owner

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very beginning of new site.. i hope to make a fun place :D
this is not my very first neocities website... but i am still very much terrible at html or css.
i want to learn how to code in this process!
(still the same day... just got some rest) ... none of the links work yet!


bany99133... the site of lemmy and her shenanigans...
i want to become a tshirt designer + merch maker.

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fav of the internet


i try 2 link back to all the pixel sources...
thank you for viewing my website!